Importance Of Drug Tests

The increased need for drug testing has been necessitated by the ballooning of the numbers of drug users the world over. This is why drug testing has become common in fields like sports and among law enforcement agencies. In recent times also, the drug screening is gaining popularity among workplaces. This is essential because it is critical in identifying prospective abusive employees and those employees that are currently on drugs. Many home and schools are also conducting drug tests nowadays on a regular basis.

In this article, we are going to look at the reasons and benefits that come with drug testing more especially in workplaces, this includes:

Ensures a safe and healthy environment

kjkjf85When an employee is working under the influence of any drug, there is a high likelihood that they may cause an accident. Drugs are also known to cause loss of balance, impaired thinking, short term memory lapses, reduced coordination and also decreased alertness. If not tested and prevented from not consuming drugs, they will not only hurt themselves but also their co-workers or visitors in their workplace. Employees who are under the influence of drugs are mostly violent and aggressive.

This particular type of employees can engage in crimes to get money for drug purchases. Therefore, in order to ensure that the working environment is secure and healthy, an employer needs to be conducting regular drug tests, so they help them detect and eliminate employees who are using drugs.

Enhances employees productivity

Several studies undertaken, have shown that employees that abuse substances are less productive as compared to their sober counterparts. They are in most cases physically and mentally impaired due to the drugs they use. These employees also are prone to sickness, accidents, and injuries too. The above-named factor, affect the performance of any employee directly. But with drug testing, the employer can identify drug abusing employees and hence replace them with clean ones. This ultimately will have a positive effect on the productivity of the firm or company.

Helps in the reduction of liability claims

Besides a worker who is hooked up to drugs coming late or even being absent at times, they are the persons who are most likely to file for compensation claims. This will surely cause additional financial strain to the organization. But this kind of situation can be arrested through constant drug tests. The tests help find the drug abusers and users and hence keeping them away from te company as early as possible.

Avoid reputation risk

gklkg86When you have an employee who is a drug abuser, the reputation of that company stands a risk of being damaged. This mostly happens if it is a hospitality or service delivery entity. It shows that the employee lacks discipline. Can also paint an image of an unprofessional organization. It, therefore, calls for an organization to have regular drug tests for its employees so that they get rid of drug users and save the reputation of the organization.

From the above, it is clear that regular drug testing can help improve an organization operational efficiency. Besides this, random drug tests can enable employers to know their employees well. You can read more about this important topic here if you are an employee or job applicant who needs to pass a drug test.